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abwhore's Journal

We Hate Dumb Bitches
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Do you hate dumb bitches? Have you ever been let down or pooped on by a dumb bitch? Are YOU a dumb bitch?
Well, my friend, this may be your saving grace. This is by no means a misogynistic community, but we all here have had our hearts stepped on mercilessly once or twice, and here is where we come to vent, prod, and..well....bitch.

Coming attractions: "Bitch of the Week," "Asshole of the Week," and the ever-popular "Bitch-Ass Muthafucka of the Month!"

by the way, take this seriously or don't...just don't get mad at someone if they's bein' a bitch!

this shit is moderated by gimplosion and xguevarax