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Ima Newbie

Hey Peoples, I just joined the community and I am also trying to get the hang of this whole thing.
I joined because the name completely caught me off guard. FINALLY people who can actually relate to what I am feeling. :D
So why do I have Dumb Bitches?
They make your like a living hell. I am talking about the Preps that are at your high school that pick on people that they think are lower then they are. It's sick.
I moved away from my hometown to go to college, and you know what? They are the exact same way there too!! Imagine my frustration when all I hear before class is "Oh my GAWD did you see what that chick was wearing? Like, doesn't she know that the new pink is green?????!" Its pathetic.
I don't like girls that are petty either, they spread rumors and are totally catty to girls that they are intimidated by.
So yes, that is why I hate dumb preppy bitches.


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