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Monday, June 27th, 2005
12:11 pm
What I MENT to say, was...

And NOW I've got it right. Because I, am awesome.
12:03 pm

Finally. Someone's got it right.
Friday, June 24th, 2005
5:14 pm
Sunday, March 20th, 2005
12:38 am
I just wanted to say that this journal made my butthole hurt. Thanks.
Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004
11:38 pm
Ima Newbie
Hey Peoples, I just joined the community and I am also trying to get the hang of this whole thing.
I joined because the name completely caught me off guard. FINALLY people who can actually relate to what I am feeling. :D
So why do I have Dumb Bitches?
They make your like a living hell. I am talking about the Preps that are at your high school that pick on people that they think are lower then they are. It's sick.
I moved away from my hometown to go to college, and you know what? They are the exact same way there too!! Imagine my frustration when all I hear before class is "Oh my GAWD did you see what that chick was wearing? Like, doesn't she know that the new pink is green?????!" Its pathetic.
I don't like girls that are petty either, they spread rumors and are totally catty to girls that they are intimidated by.
So yes, that is why I hate dumb preppy bitches.



Current Mood: annoyed
Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
2:47 pm
confusing stream of consiousness rant
I blame girls for their abusive husbands and cheating boyfriends and anorexia and bulimia because I never liked them, because they were the ones making my life hell whether I needed them or not, because they were the ones who picked away at me with threats and turned me into the shell of a girl I was in middle school and the watered down version by high school. And now boys, boys won't touch me, they won't hurt me, because we are on the same side. Those boys who played didn't mean to do anything wrong, they just didn't know any better. Youhaveaniceasscanwefuck, he's just a boy who like me learned the how-to's from movies and in movies that's what they do. See I can't blame him, see it's not his fault. And it wasn't cultural beliefs or economic factors or personal fears that kept me bound, fuck no god no, Mr. PhD couldn't possibly get it, and it certainly wasn't because I was in 'this rut that I couldn't get out of,' or that I was used to it or abused as a child and it wasn't psychosomatic, it just wasn't. I stayed because boys are my friends, my buddies, my partners in crime, because girls and I, we don't get along. Because since he, or any of these boys, are my allies and best friends and weapons they clearly wouldn't intentionally do anything to hurt me, and therefore all of the manipulation and questionings and swearing and screaming and his fists, his hands holding me down was for love, out of love, in love, love love love.

I left him early that summer, and he cried. he was really my only friend then, all the others had become distant. And I've never had girl friends really, not since i switched highschools in 9th grade. In the fall i left for college, I didnt have girl friends before here, where they found me and took me in. Here, women are all i need.

In the past month or so two sexual assults have happened within far less than a mile of my house, one within viewing distance. The college and police cannot provide full details but i've heard the latest was violent, ive heard a stick or a broom was used, she was beaten, and that an assailant came from behind, possibly with a blindfold. The school and police tell us (female students) we shouldnt walk alone at night. For the first time in my life, i have felt terrified at being a girl. I am suddenly suspisious of men i encounter walking home. I look behind me, jump at noises. It's like suddenly the campus has been transported to a medieval city where it is dangerous to leave the house w/o a male escort. I am from the suburbs, and not used to this. I never realized how prevalent it all is, how so many women i know have been affected, how we all know victems. I can't imagine what its like for women who live in areas where this is always a nessesity or a possiblity.
I dont blame girls anymore, no. Men have this seed in them, some kind of desiese. I don't trust most men i meet, i dont even like most boys i see here. They are boring, sit quietly in the back of class, wear stupid clothes and wear their dirty caps,have gruff unappealing voices, speak self-centeredly.

I used to hate my own sex. society teaches us to compete with eachother. society teaches us to tear eachother down. We need to stop hating ourselves and eachother. isolating myself from other women was probably the biggest mistake of my life.
i know this community is a joke, but really, hating other girls is probably the least progressive thing you can do for yourself.

I am an angry, angry feminist, for good reasons, going through a crazy obnoxious period of my life, and i just had to rant to you all.
thanks and bye!
Thursday, October 14th, 2004
4:29 pm
how is everyone, i just joined. I know a thing or two about dumb bitches it's been my misfortune to spend too much time with a few in my day.


I've started a new community dedicated to shoplifting and posting whatever whenever.


ice cold
Tuesday, July 13th, 2004
3:56 am
hey hey hey hey
join join join

Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
8:11 pm
Hey Im caitlin. just joined. thought i'd rant and tell you why I hated girls. *btw leah is a friend I once had*

Girls are bitches. Especially high school girls. Girls tear each other down, when they feel inferior, and are always in competion with one another.
I can't even tell you…Jesus Christ.... this is like the 6th time in my life I have had a girl say to me Caitline you make me feel bad because when I’m around you I feel lesser than you"

Translation: Because you are talented it makes me feel inferior and therefore makes me wanna make you feel like shit so i can feel better about myself again.

Why? Because I know so many girls, especially the few that don't like me right now, that have absolutely no talent and use that line with me a lot. They can't tell me
exactly how I make them feel lesser than them because it embarrasses them , so they skip around that subject and never give a clear answer *its kinda like John Kerry*

I have realized once a girl has decided to turn against you, there is NO turning back. They will GLARE at you and giggle about you whenever they see you.
I think its because of a lack of self esteem on their part, and seeing yours diminish makes them feel like maybe now that you have none, because you were what
was making them feel lesser in the first place, they'll gain this big amount of it. But when they see that even though you are feeling worthless, they still are too,
they get angry and see how much more they can bring you down or how much they can bring others down.


Girls are jealous creatures, and will do anything to get what you have, had, or have within yourself. Girls copy other girls, and find ways to turn other girls against each other.
It's like when a girl is feuding with a friend, and skews the truth to make everyone else not like the girl too.

Lemme give you an example that happened to me. i called a girl clingy... but not in a bad way. The other girls run to stir up trouble, tell the girl "She called you CLINGY OMG WHAT A BITCH!" and use that angry voice girls get to convince the other girl to be mad too... then they go off about what is bad about the 'girl".

and I don't care what anyone says.. there will always be that skanky ass friend you have that will go after your shit when your done with it. There always will be.
God I hope none of you ever haveta say that you fall in that category, because no matter what the circumstance, yous a skank.

The above is why i think girls are bitches. I personally hate the backstabbing, whiny, the world revolves around me self centered hoes. Most girls I know will jump on the first dick of the first guy to notice them. That makes me uber sick. I think that’s what made me sick earlier today, is how Leah used to spout about how she wasn’t gonna have sex in high school cause it caused problems, but then jumps the first dick to say I love you. Good luck with that, dumb shit.

There’s another aspect where girls are dumbasses. They believe it when guys say they love them way to fast…. Let themselves be used…then cry themselves a goddamn river when the guy gets bored with their ho asses *I know; I did it myself then was ‘surprised’*

Girls are just stupid ass bitches, and I hope we go extinct

Current Mood: annoyed
Friday, April 23rd, 2004
12:16 am
Aw, fuck, I hate all those dumb bitches who stand around in little groups and think they're so hot. Stupid sluts.

Thank you for your time.
Saturday, December 13th, 2003
8:18 pm
Dumb ass titty bitches
Bitches are just...little cunts without holes.
And...holes without cunts.
Dumb bitches are all from California and Texas.
And Mexico.
Monday, September 29th, 2003
5:09 pm
im new. im guessing no one has to be voted in?

basically, i just hate alot of people.

alot of things dumb bitches do gets on my last nerve. i hate when bitches try to get attention. i hate extremely slutty bitches. i hate when bitches try to hard and i hate when they treat other people like shit.

i have a couple of friends im happy with. i HATE alot of fucking people who i consider "dumb bitches".

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, June 25th, 2003
10:18 am

WaNTs YoU!

whut whut
Saturday, June 21st, 2003
3:40 pm
just joined.. hey to all-more later

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Saturday, May 3rd, 2003
1:56 am

Current Mood: chipper
Monday, April 21st, 2003
1:16 am
Hiii donnamachine is a fucking big fat heffer!

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Wednesday, March 26th, 2003
10:24 pm
Hey everyone... I am so bored it is really obvious... right? Anyway I thought I would share this site with you, in case you are bored or ever get bored or just want something to do... Its fun Neopets, its really fun

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Monday, March 10th, 2003
3:03 pm
check out this new community...its about being better looking than everyone else hotlikewoah
Thursday, February 13th, 2003
12:28 am
I eat shit.

Current Mood: artistic
Tuesday, December 10th, 2002
1:44 am
hi, i'm new (and a mite too late, seems nobody's hated any dumb bitches since like the end of august).

but, for the record:

i totally hate dumb bitches.


- josh

Current Mood: hating...bitches...
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